Keith Smith, Barry Martyn and other European musicians brought American musicians to Europe, for instance George Lewis, Alton Purnell, Louis Nelson, Kid Sheik, Kid Thomas, Emanuel Paul and Champion Jack Dupree. Keith Smith toured in Europe with Alton in 1964 and the following year he played with Alton’s band in USA. In 1966 Keith brought […]

Utdrag ur boken / Excerpt from the book / “Jazz at Vespers – Jazz och religion”. English translation below. De flesta traditionella jazzband har väl någon gång spelat ”Lily of the Valley” och kanske också sjungit den grammatiskt icke helt korrekta texten ”Everybody Don’t Know who Jesus is” med refrängen ”He’s the Lily of the […]

  In 1965 Alton Purnell was invited to the 20th Australian Jazz Convention, Sydney, December 27-30.  The last time the Australian Jazz Convention was held in Sydney, in 1962, we brought you Ken Colyer from England. Now we present a veteran negro pianist from the United States, Alton Purnell. If you know who Alton Purnell […]

This is an attempt to describe the ”Closer Walk” story and the recordings, especially by George Lewis. An illustrated discography of his Closer Walk recordings is planned, based on the great ”Hymn to George” by Lennart Fält and Håkan Håkansson. There are several religious songs about walking, some of which also adapted to jazz style: ”Walking […]

The British Trumpet player Keith Smith went to New Orleans in 1964 trying to find Alton Purnell, who had moved to Los Angeles after the set-to with the George Lewis band in 1956.  No one seemed to know where Purnell was, and anyone who did wasn’t telling. (A Life of Jazz, Mississippi Rag November 1999.) […]

  Den 23 mars 1953 skrevs jazzhistoria: en gudstjänst med svarta jazzmusiker från New Orleans i en vit kyrka i nordöstra USA. Hur var detta möjligt? I denna bok berättas om * Jazzens rötter: blues, spirituals, gospel, brassband, begravningsmusik… * Kristna inslag i jazzmusiken * Religiöst/moraliskt motstånd mot jazz, rock mm… * Jazz och religion […]

    Gota River Jazzmen 2015: Ragnar Tretow trumpet, Anders Alm clarinet and alto sax, Gunnar Boräng trombone Karl Kronqvist bass, Ingemar Wågerman piano,  Göran Möller banjo, Tomas Håård drums,  CALENDAR 2015: We repeat last year’s success in Brunnby Church on Kullahalvön !: Thursday, May 14 (Ascension Day) at 10:00 Church Service BRUNNBY CHURCH Friday, […]


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