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Gota River Jazzmen har under flera år varit en logistisk katastrof med medlemmar bosatta i Västerås, Katrineholm, Kivik, Malmö, Stenungsund och Göteborg! Möjligheterna att träffas och spontanrepetera är naturligtvis något begränsade, så det får vi göra under spelningarna. Vad värre är: Våra transporter är också begränsade till två bilar och det är ohållbart i längden.

Svårigheterna tornade upp sig 2019. Förutom besvärlig logistik och svårigheter att få spelningar tillstötte hälsoproblem. Kalle drabbades av sjukdom som binder honom vid rullstol och omöjliggör vidare spelande. Några av medlemmarna genomgick besvärliga operationer. Tomas avled i mars 2020.

Trots alla dessa problem föll Gota River med flaggan i topp vid de två sista spelningarna i Öckerö och Stora Lundby 2019. I skrivande stund (april 2020) finns inget mer planerat för bandet. Om det dyker upp något i framtiden återstår att se. Tills vidare är Gota River Jazzmen vilande efter en lång karriär.


The Gota River Jazzmen have for several years been a ”logistical disaster” with members living in Västerås, Katrineholm, Kivik, Malmö, Stenungsund and Gothenburg! The opportunities to meet and spontaneously rehearse are of course very limited and what’s worse: Our transport is also limited to two cars and it is unsustainable in the long run.

The difficulties increased in 2019. In addition to troublesome logistics and difficulties in getting gigs, health problems were encountered. Kalle was affected by an illness that binds him to a wheelchair and makes it impossible to continue playing. Some of the members underwent difficult operations. Tomas passed away in March 2020.

Despite all these problems, Gota River peaked at the last two gigs in Öckerö and Stora Lundby 2019. At the time of writing (April 2020), nothing more is planned for the band. If anything turns up in the future remains to be seen. For now, the Gota River Jazzmen are dormant after a long career.

BUT: There is great news! I started to write the band’s history many years ago, and now I have written almost 400 pages with invaluable help from our former banjo player Göran. Lots of information, a wealth of pictures, wonderful stories and memories from six decades (the band started in 1957!) from many tours, domestic and foreign. A unique publication which will be printed if there is enough interest. Drop me a line without obligation if you are interested. gotariver@gmail.com


Our drummer Tomas Håård passed away on March 2 2020 after a period of illness. He played with the Gota River Jazzmen in 2012-19 and also in the Foggy Bottom Classic Jazz Band. He was also a folk musician.
There was a bright and beautiful burial in the circle of the closest. Rannrike Spelmänen played and Tomas’ self-built key harp lay on the coffin. LEAD ME SAVIOUR with Foggy Bottom and PRECIOUS LORD with Gota River Jazzmen were played from CD – because of the corona virus the bands could not attend the funeral.


On November 12, our former trumpet player Esbjörn Olsson played with Jüri Perem, Olle Wassén and Ingemar Wågerman at Leif Melldahl’s home. This “old man group” met regularly and had even a public gig at Valand in October with Lennart Carlsson on drums. One week later, on November 20, Esbjörn died suddenly  and unexpectedly in a heart attack.

It was obvious that we would play at the funeral. As a member of the Göta River, Esbjörn himself had participated on several such occasions. Jüri Perem got to represent CCS with MEMORIES OF YOU, while Sverker Nyström presented Göta River’s (and George Lewis’) version of BURGUNDY STREET BLUES. In addition to Jüri, Sverker and Leif, Olle Wassén also played banjo, Ingemar Wågerman piano and Lennart Carlsson drums. We are sure Esbjörn would have liked it.

Rest in peace, Esbjörn! We miss you!


Sunday June 16, 19.00. STORA LUNDBY CHURCH, GRÅBO

Tuesday July 2nd, 19.00  ÖCKERÖ CHURCH


Thursday July 5, 19.00 HÖNÖ CHURCH

Friday July 6, 19.00 SÖDRA HÄRENE CHURCH

Saturday July 7 19.00 FLATÖ CHURCH



Friday Sept 7 19.00-21.30 GOTHENBURG JAZZ FESTIVAL, VALAND http://www.jazzfest.se


Wednesday August 9,  18.00 FIGEHOLM (20 km N Oskarshamn) ”Allsång i Hamnen”
Thursday August 10, 18.00 LOFTA CAFÉ (11 km N Gamleby)
Friday August 11,  18.00 MARIEBORGSKYRKAN VÄSTERVIK                                                          
Saturday August 12, 18.00 HÄLLSTAD KYRKA (20 km N Ulricehamn)
Sunday August 13, 11.00 NÄSSJÖ GAMLA KYRKA
Friday October 6, 19.00 VALSTADS KYRKA (12 km SV Tidaholm)
Saturday October 7, 16.00 (Obs. tiden!) ALFSHÖGS KYRKA, VESSIGEBRO (14 km NO Falkenberg)                    



Gota River Jazzmen 2017: Anders Alm clarinet and alto sax, Lasse Falk banjo, Ingemar Wågerman piano, Karl Kronqvist bass, Ragnar Tretow trumpet, Gunnar Boräng trombone,   Tomas Håård drums

Our banjo player since 1988, Göran Möller, has stopped playing and is replaced by Lasse Falk. 


Friday April 1st 19.00 Klockaregårdskyrkan, Malmbäck

Saturday April 2nd 18.00  Fänneslunda-Grovare kyrka

Sunday April 3rd 18.00 Glöstorpskyrkan, Tuve, Göteborg

Thursday June 16th 19.00 Älvsåkers kyrka NB. Correct time 19.00

Tuesday July 26th 19.00 Trelleborgs kyrka

Wednesday July 27th 20.00 Fjällbacka kyrka

Thursday July 28 th 19.00 Hönö kyrka

Friday July 29th 19.00 Centrumkyrkan, Forserum

Saturday July 30th Undenäs kyrka CANCELLED!!

Gota River 2012

Ragnar Tretow trumpet, Karl Kronqvist bass, Ingemar Wågerman piano, Anders Alm clarinet & alto sax, Göran Möller banjo, Tomas Håård drums, Gunnar Boräng trombone


Our former bassist Bertil Boström was tragically killed in a  motorcycle accident September 15th, 2016. He stopped playing some years ago, and after that he spent much time on his dear Motor Cycle. Bertil was a very good bassist with the roots in the 50’s dance orchestras, who also played jazz in a more modern style. His interest in the older jazz style was awakened when he heard Papa Celestin’s Original Tuxedo Jazz Band in Gothenburg on October 5, 1964 (but without Celestin himself, who had died ten years earlie). Bertil has described this in Jazzbladet No. 1/2013. Bertil played with Göta River Jazzmen 1988-2009, Red Wing band 1994-1998 and some other bands. One of Bertil’s idols was Milt Hinton. In a long article in JazzbladetNo. 1/1999, he tells how he was given an opportunity to visit Milt in his home during a US visit and play on his Matteo Goffriller from 1740 … The funeral took place in Älvsborgs church on Monday, October 17 at. 14.00. It became a reunion for the old Göta River: Esbjörn (who stopped playing public six years ago but still gets good sound in the trumpet), Sverker (still active in New Orleans Jazz Cats and Papa Piders), Göran, whose banjo lays on the shelf since the turn of the year, Lennart (who played in GRJ in the late 1980s) and myself, who still play in GRJ. Two of Bertel’s former Red Wing companions also participated: Hans Zakrisson trombone and Staffan Pålsson bass. We played Just a Closer Walk, In the Upper Garden, Amazing Grace and Shall We Gather at the River. Bertil would have liked this! Rest in peace, Bertil!  Friends of the Göta River through Ingemar Wågerman



Brunnby Church on Kullahalvön  Thursday, May 14 (Ascension Day) at 10:00 Church Service
Brunnby Church Friday, May 15 at 19:00 Concert with  New Orleans Music: jazz, blues and gospel. Tickets goran-moller@telia.com
Saturday, May 16 at 18:00: Concert in Västra Vram Church (Tollarp) in the same style but with a different repertoire.

Friday, August 21 at 19:00 Restaurant Skogshyddan, Strangnas
Saturday, August 22 Munsö church 19.00
Sunday, August 23 at 16:00 Hagakyrkan, Orebro

November 6th: Dimbo Church, near Tidaholm, Church conert.
Contact: gotariver@gmail.com





to be completed


Thursday May 29th 10.00: Church service, Brunnby church, Skåne Friday May 30th 19.00: Church concert, same.

Saturday June 14th, 19.00: Flatö church, Orust. ”Spirituals, Gospels, Hymns”. Entrance 150 kr. Tickets via http://www.kyrkan.flaton.se

Sunday June 15th, 16.00 Hamburgsund church.  ”Jazz, Blues, Spirituals, Gospels, Hymns”

Saturday July 19th  18.00  Habo church.  ”Jazz, Blues, Spirituals, Gospels, Hymns”. Entrance 100 kr

Sunday July 20th July, 19.00 Stora Lundby church, Gråbo.  ”Spirituals, Gospels, Hymns”. Free admittance!  

BAND HISTORY The Swedish New Orleans Revival style band Gota River Jazzmen is still alive! Many of the former members have signed off, but we have a new, strong crew! The band specializes in church concerts, which are very well attended and appreciated, but we also play in clubs, restaurants and festivals etc. The first, short-lived edition of Göta River Jazzmen was founded in 1958 by Lars Ehnström and Esbjörn Olsson. The first clarinet player was Tomas von Brömssen. Tidiga GRJ 1 Göta River Jazzmen, late 50’s: Esbjörn Olsson, Bertil Johansson, Bertil Wahlin, Lars Ehnström. After a break of nearly thirty years the band was reorganized in the late 1980s with the following personnel: Esbjörn Olsson trumpet, Lars Ehnström trombone, Leif Sivertsson clarinet, Göran Möller banjo,  Ingemar Wågerman piano, Bertil Boström bass and Lennart Carlsson drums. GRJ-LeifSivertson  Leif Sivertsson before a gig at the Pub 7an, Gothenburg, 1991 .


Restaurant Grönalid, Fjällbacka 1994. Göran Möller, Sverker Nyström (who replaced Leif Sivertsson in 1993) , Bertil Boström, Esbjörn Olsson, Lars Ehnström, Lennart Carlsson, Ingemar Wågerman. Lennart Carlsson was replaced by Hans Åsberg in 1994. This line-up  was active until 2006. During this period there were several trips abroad, mostly to Denmark and the Netherlands. The most extensive tour was to England in 2003, when the name was changed from Göta to GotaRiver

Molenhoek. Molenhoek, Holland 2001. Ingemar, Sverker, Göran, Esbjörn, Hans, Lars, Bertil.  Photo: John van Zuidam.

Bude Jazzklubb

Bude, England 2003. Photo: Marion Hammersley  GreggS  

With Gregg Stafford at the Gothenburg Festival 1999

GRJ hos FA Hönö-beskuren Salvation Army, Hönö. Hans Zakrisson  substitute for Lars. Another personnel change took place in 2006 when Hans Åsberg left the band. He was replaced by Lars Gunnar Röök. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Kungsbacka teater 2006. Photo Bo Löfgren Nya_Skargarden Askersund festival 2006: Bertil, Lars, Sverker, Göran, Ingemar, Esbjörn, Lars Gunnar. Photo: Tito Martino, the clarinetist from Brazil who played with Gota River as a guest artist. In 2009 Sverker left the band and was replaced by Anders Alm. The veterans Lars, Esbjörn and Bertil decided to stop playing in 2010 and were replaced by Ulf Darinder (later Gunnar Boräng), Ragnar Tretow and Karl Kronqvist. Tomas Håård replaced Lars Gunnar Röök, which means that Göran and Ingemar are the only remaining members from the old band.

GÖTA (GOTA) RIVER JAZZMEN CDs AND VIDEOS Between 1997 and 2007 the Göta River Jazzmen (from 2003 Gota River Jazzmen) issued ten CDs including one recorded in Bude, England.

CD01, 03 and 05 are sold out and will not be reissued. The others are available:

1 – 2 CD = 100 SEK each plus postage. . 3CDs = 250 SEK. Complete set 02, 04, 06, 07, 08, 09 + Bude = 400  SEK , including local postage (abroad +100 SEK).

CD01 front CD01 back GRJCD01 ”—AND MY HEART’S IN NEW ORLEANS”. Recorded in Rävlanda Parish Hall by Michael Thorén April 5, 1997. Esbjörn Olsson trumpet, Lars Ehnström trombone, Sverker Nyström clarinet, Göran Möller banjo, Ingemar Wågerman piano, Bertil Boström bass, Hans Åsberg drums. (SOLD OUT)

CD02 front CD02 back GRJCD02 ”GATHER AT THE RIVER”. Same, March 28-29, 1998

CD 03 front CD 03 back GRJCD03 ”APPLE BLOSSOM TIME”. Same, March 20-21, 1999 (SOLD OUT!)

CD04 front CD04 back GRJCD04 ”THE OTHER SIDE OF TOWN”. Same, April 1-2, 2000

CD05 front CD05 back GRJCD05 ”SWEDISH HYMNS”. Same, April 7-8, 2001 (SOLD OUT)

CD06 front CD06 back GRJCD06 ”THOUGHT I HEARD BUDDY BOLDEN PLAY”. Same, May 2-3, 2003

CD07 front CD07 back GRJCD07 ”IN THAT DAY”. Same, but recorded in Studio Fabriken, Gothenburg, April 2-3, 2005 (A FEW COPIES LEFT)

CD08 front CD08 back GRJCD08 ”DARKNESS ON THE DELTA”. Recorded live at ”Het Nut”, Warnsveld, Netherlands by Aart van de Munt, February 15, 2002 (same personnel), November 14, 2003 (same personnel) and September 23, 2005 (same personnel, but Eddie Bruhner replaces Esbjörn Olsson),

CD09 front CD09 back GRJCD09 ”LILIES OF THE VALLEY”. Same as GRJCD07, but Lars Gunnar Röök replaces Hans Åsberg. April 22-23, 2007.

CD BUDE front CD BUDE back RSCD791 IN THE GOOD OLD SUMMERTIME (Recorded in Bude, Cornwall, 2003) (A FEW COPIES LEFT

CD JA1303 front CD JA1303 back

JA-1303 ”DON’T GIVE UP THE SHIP” Unissued recordings 1999-2001. Price 100 SEK plus postage.

The band is also represented on the following CDs:

CD SF 1 front CD SF 1 back   Music Mecca CD 3068-2 NEW ORLEANS JAZZ SORGENFRI KIRKE VOL. 1, December 12, 1999

CD SF 2 front CD SF 2 back Music Mecca CD 3069-2  D:o VOL 2, April 29, 2001

CD JfNO front CD JfNO back TTPCD 049 JAZZ FOR NEW ORLEANS. Sold out.

CD museum front CD museum back TTPCD 056 LIVE AT JAZZENS MUSEUM


The current Gota River line-up has not recorded commercially yet, but there are some clips on Youtube. CONTACT: Ingemar Wågerman, Prästgårdsängen 8, 41271 Gothenburg, Sweden +46-31-965338, +46-708-289413 gotariver@gmail.com

4 kommentarer

  1. Thord Siljefelt · · Svara

    Hej! det är roligt att åter få lyssna på er. Har ni några spelningar i Mellansverige under 2018
    Hälsningar Thord Siljefelt Nyköping

  2. Tyvärr inget planerat! / Ingemar

  3. Alf Nybratt · · Svara

    Hej !
    Lyssnade på er i st Lundby Kyrka, makalöst bra, väcker massa minnen.
    Men jag efterlyser lite mer pianosolon. Jag och frugan fick rysningar vid det * lilla* vi fick höra!
    Hela gänget var helbra.
    Jag undrar om man kan höra Ingemar någonstans, spelande lite gospelinfluerat?
    Hälsa Alf o Gurli

    1. Tack för vänliga ord! Ja, det kändes bra i Stora Lundby! Vi har bara en inplanerad spelning i år, i Öckerö kyrka tisdag 2 juli. Kontakta mig på gotariver@gmail.com för mer info.


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