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The pianist Alton Purnell passed away January 14, 1987. Thirty years later, my ”Alton Purnell Discography” was published just in time for the anniversary. This project, which started in 2000, was initially intended to be a simple list of Alton’s recordings after he moved to California in 1956, but because he was perhaps best known as the pianist with Bunk Johnson and George Lewis, it was natural to expand the contents. The result was a book of 304 large size pages with c:a 1000 illustrations, mainly color pictures of album covers and labels including a lot of re-issues, a variety of reviews and articles, etc. The book can be ordered by e-mail

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The book will not be reprinted, but additions and corrections will be published here!

1951-01-13 LP: Palm (UK) 30:20
Music from New Orleans

Palm cover


The session with Storyville Dandies was omitted by mistake:

1977-12-14 Storyville Dandies Victor Music Plaza, Tokyo, Japan

Akira Nakano tp, Hideaki Machino tb, Taiichiro Yoshimoto cl, Masahiko Shibata ts, Alton Purnell p, Akira Tsumura bj, Shoichi Kaneko b, Haruo Sekiguchi dr




Trevor Richards 50 Years Trio: Previously Unissued Material 1965 – 2015  Featuring Alton Purnell




Haricots 40xx

Les Haricots Rouges 40th Anniversary


Label: Black & Blue (2009)


Verve (Gwyn)

1956-06-07 George Lewis Band, Coast Recording Studios, San Francisco

45RPM: Verve V 2044



jazz masters svart

Jazz Masters e.f.s.a. collection, Mandarim Records. Ireland


LP Swaggie S 1201 F

Swaggie S 1201

LP Swaggie S 1202 F

Swaggie S 1202

LP Swaggie S 1203 F

Swaggie S 1203

1953-06-18 George Lewis New Orleans Ragtime Band. NBC Studios, San Francisco

Australian issues Swaggie S 1201-03


Dix Saints King LP

King SKK 3033

LP: King Records SKK 3033 Yoshio Toyama and His Dixieland Saints featuring Alton Purnell

There are most likely other issues, too. If I find information, it will be included here.


Legends annons Gbg

Gothenburg Concert Hall 1966-02-18


1974-11-24 Dave Brennan’s Jazzmen



1977-09-28 Estrad, Södertälje

LEGENDS Södertälje


Alton visitkort Legends

Alton Publicity card w. Legends


There is a cassette featuring Alton Purnell with Ron Radford’s Band recorded in Northampton sometime in the mid 1970’s. Harry Slater was on bass and Ron Radford trombone. Ron’s son Colin was on reeds along with possibly John Hale. Bill Dickens was on trumpet.

Alton also played with Derek Winters, Brian Carrick etc somewhere in UK in the 80-s.


The following tunes should be omitted on pages 295 ff (Alton did not play these tunes with The New Bull Moose Party Band!)



The following sections were omitted to be included in Bob Allen’s coming Alton biography. Illustrations will be included.

Still a teenager, Alton started to work professionally around 1928 as a singer and a piano player in The Pelican Annex and other New Orleans clubs. One night, Isiah Morgan (Sam’s brother) needed a piano player, and Alton was suggested. The band members were Isiah Morgan tp, John Handy alto sax, Chester Zardis b and Lionel Torregano dr. Alton played with the band 2-3 years. (Barry Martyn: Alton Purnell, Coda January 74.)

In the thirties Alton worked with Kid Howard and Albert Jiles on Decatur Street, with Big Eye Louis Nelson, Papa Celestin and others. (Per Oldaeus, FN 1976 vol 7:4.)

Alton, unknown (standing, probably a porter called Rider or Riley), Albert Walters and Lionel Torrigano. Barry Martyn collection.

1934? Kid Rena’s Band Gypsy Tea Room

Kid Rena tp,  Big Ike Robinson or Eddie Pierson tb, Harold Dejan as,William Houston or Alton Purnell or Walter Daniels or Benny Turner or a girl called May p, Clarence Tisdale bj, Tom Copeland or Percy Gabriel or Burke Stevenson b,  Joe Rena dr

(Marcel Joly: Everything’s Lovely.)

1936-37? Sidney Desvigne’s band

Sidney Desvigne and Alvin Alcorn tp, Ted Purnell, Sam Lee, Oscar Rouzon, Louis Cotrell, reeds, Eddie Pierson and Louis Nelson tb, Alton Purnell p, Buddy Charles g, Jerry Green b, Louis Barbarin dr.

Alton was also engaged by Sidney Desvigne, and stayed in his band (where he replaced William Houston) for about a year around 1936-37. They played written music, and Alton had to struggle to learn the arrangements. (Lars Edegran, FN 1972 vol 4:2, article by Alan Barrell).

One day in 1936 or 1937 a New York band played in New Orleans. They needed a piano player and Alton was suggested. This band played chords written in bar form, something that Alton had never seen before. It was a success, and Alton was offered a job in New York. However, he rejected it and stayed in New Orleans. (Barry Martyn, Coda January 1974). Mantan Moreland (?) is mentioned, but I have no idea why. Moreland was a black comedy actor.

1937- Willy Joseph Trio, The Champagne Room (later renamed Paddock Café)

Alton played with the clarinetist Willy Joseph (younger brother of Papa John Joseph and known from the recordings with Louis Dumaine’s Jazzola Eight) and the drummer Alvin Woods (who played with Joe Robichaux in the 30’s).

The New Orleans artist Edwin Keiffer made a painting of the trio, after a photo in Al Rose & Edmond Souchon: New Orleans Jazz – A Family Album. The painting was shown on Dorothy Rogers Collection,, now removed).

1930s? Famous Door, Bourbon & Conti Street, New Orleans

He benefitted from excellent on-the-job training playing in New Orleans bands led by ”Big Eye” Louis Nelson, Avery ”Kid” Howard, Oscar ”Papa” Celestin, Isaiah Morgan, and Sidney Desvigne. Working regularly as a singer and pianist at the Famous Door on Bourbon Street, he soon had a reputation as one of the city’s most popular entertainers. (Floyd Levin: Classic Jazz, p. 210)

Alton was working at the Famous Door on Bourbon Street with Pleasant Joseph’s Swing Band, when George Lewis came to see him and told him that some men had come to town in search of a band to accompany Bunk Johnson. (Barry Martyn: Alton Purnell, Coda January 1974.)

 According to HJA interviews the members were Willie James and Joe Harris saxophones, Emanuel Sayles guitar, Papa John Joseph bass, “Foots” ? drums. No further information available.

The Famous Door is the oldest live music club on Bourbon Street which is still in business. The name refers to the front door of the bar which has been authographed by many musicians and other celebrities.

1948 Cousin Joe Quartet, Famous Door

Theodore Purnell reeds, Alton Purnell p, Alonzo Stewart dr, ”Cousin Joe” guitar, vocal

In 1948 Pleasant “Cousin Joe” Joseph left New York after engagements with a.o. Billie Holiday and Earl Bostic. He returned to the Famous Door, where he had a quartet for a couple of years. According to Alton, he taught Joe the piano playing, and Joe influenced Alton’s singing. Maybe this is an exaggeration; Cousin Joe mentions Alton only once, very briefly, in his autobiography (Cousin Joe – Blues from New Orleans, p 136) and gives him no credit for teaching him to play. They played popular songs and jazz tunes.  Alton thought of Cousin Joe as the greatest entertainer he ever knew.

When I worked with Smilin’ Joe I knew more numbers than when I was with George. They got away from me. See, with Joe we featured dixieland and every other kind of music. We had an Ink Spots part, even, with Joe. (Barry Martyn : The End of the Beginning, p. 141.)

Alton and Joe appear on the CD New Orleans Piano Blues (JCCD-3091) – but not together… (See 1965-12-27)

940s Percy & the Gabriel Family, Gypsy Tea Room

Kid Rena tp, Harold Dejan reeds, Joe Harris reeds, W.M. Houston p altering with Alton Purnell, Clarence Tisdale bjo, Percy Gabriel b, Joe Rena dr.

(FN 1976 vol 8:1.)

This Treme Jazz Hall was torn down to make room for urban renewal projects and the cultural center, later a part of Armstrong Park.

The index and bibliography were not included in the book. Here they are.

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Uttömmande bio-diskografi
om en tradjazzens förgrundsfigur
Alton Purnell Discography 1945-1986

Ingemar Wågerman 304 sidor 210×276 mm, rikt illustrerad

Pianisten Alton Purnell från New Orleans har stilmässigt varit en av de populäraste förebilderna för merparten av tradjazzpianisterna runt om i världen. Ingemar Wågerman i Göteborg, själv pianist och med Purnell som en av sina stora inspirationskällor, har sammanställt en biografi och diskografi över Purnells många inspelningar, utgivna såväl som outgivna.

Boken skiljer sig från gängse diskografier, som oftast är en torr uppräkning av fakta kring skivinspelningar och olika utgåvor med få illustrationer, genom att också ge en inblick i Purnells aktiviteter mellan de olika inspelningstillfällena. Här får vi också en inblick i hans omfattande turnéer med olika orkestrar eller som soloartist i USA och övriga världen. Sverige besökte han vid flera av dessa turnéer.

Boken inleds med en kronologisk elvasidig ”dag-för-dag-lista” där vi kan följa Alton Purnells liv från födelsen 1911 i huset på 726 St. Peter Street, som i dag inrymmer berömda Preservation Hall,  i hjärtat av de franska kvarteren i New Orleans fram till hans död i Los Angeles 1987. Sedan följer en biografi-diskografi från hans första inspelningar 1945 med Bunk Johnson till de sista gjorda i Köpenhamn i augusti 1986 med Papa Bues och Sören Houlinds band, ett knappt halvår före hans bortgång.

Varje skivsession är, förutom de diskografiska uppgifterna, rikt illustrerad med skivomslag och etiketter för de olika utgåvorna av 78:or, EP-, LP- och CD-skivor samt musikkassetter. Dessutom finns foton tagna i samband med flera av inspelningarna. Det är sammanlagt ett tusental illustrationer, de flesta är återgivna i färg. Till de flesta sessionerna finns också citat från och hänvisningar till publicerade recensioner.

Wågerman har också tagit med bakgrundsfakta till en del av skivsessionerna hämtade från korrespondens med musiker och inspelningsledare. Boken avslutas med en tiosidig förteckning över de melodier som Purnell spelade in med referenser till inspelningsdatum.

Bakom det gedigna arbetet med sammanställningen av boken ligger en omfattande forskning om Alton Purnell, som Wågerman inledde redan som tonåring när han hörde den första skivan med Bunk Johnson and his New Orleans Band med Alton Purnell vid pianot. Här redovisar han den kunskap han samlat på sig under de sex decennierna som gått sedan den första bekantskapen.

Wågerman kommer i framtiden att publicera uppdateringar och kompletteringar på sin hemsida Den hemsidan är väl värd ett besök då den innehåller mycket mer om New Orleans och dess jazztradition.

Boken kan på det varmaste rekommenderas för djupare studier av en av tradjazzens förgrundsfigurer. För diskografer kan boken ses som en fin inspirationskälla när det gäller grafisk utformning av en diskografi.
Björn Bärnheim 

Automatic Google Translation: 

Exhaustive Bio-Discography
about a Traditioal Jazz foreground figure
Alton Purnell Discography 1945-1986
Ingemar Wågerman 304 pages 210×276 mm, richly illustrated

The pianist Alton Purnell of New Orleans has been one of the most popular role models for most of the traditional jazz pianists around the world. Ingemar Wågerman in Gothenburg, himself a pianist and with Purnell as one of his great inspiration sources, has compiled a biography and discography of Purnell’s many recordings, published as well as unpublished.

The book differs from common discographies, which are usually a dry record of facts about recordings and various releases with few illustrations, by also providing insight into Purnell’s activities between the various recording opportunities. Here we also get an insight into his extensive tours with different orchestras or as soloist in the United States and the rest of the world. He visited Sweden several times.

The book begins with a chronologically eleven page ”day-by-day list” where we can follow Alton Purnell’s life from the birth in 1911 in the house at 726 St. Peter Street, which today houses the famous Preservation Hall in the heart of the French Quarter of New Orleans until his death in Los Angeles in 1987. Then follows a biography discography from his first 1945 recordings with Bunk Johnson to the last ones made in Copenhagen in August 1986 with Papa Bues and Sören Houlind’s bands, some months before his death.

Each disc session is richly illustrated with disc covers and labels for the various releases of 78’s, EP, LP and CDs as well as music cassettes. In addition, photos are taken in conjunction with several of the recordings. There is a total of a thousand illustrations, most of which in color. For most sessions there are also quotes from and references to published reviews.

Wågerman has also included background facts for a part of the record sessions gathered from correspondence with musicians and recording directors. The book ends with a ten-page list of the melodies recorded by Purnell with references to the recording date.

Behind the sound work of compilation of the book is a comprehensive research on Alton Purnell, which Wågerman already started as a teenager when he heard the first album with Bunk Johnson and his New Orleans Band with Alton Purnell at the piano. Here he presents the knowledge he collected during the six decades since the first acquaintance.

Wågerman will in the future publish updates and additions on his website The website is well worth a visit as it contains much more about New Orleans and its jazz tradition.

The book is highly recommended for deeper studies of one of the traditions’ foreground figures. For discographers, the book can be regarded as a great source of inspiration when it comes to graphic design of a discography.
Björn Bärnheim

Lars Tidholm review, Bunk Johnson Information 2017:

Tidholm review BJ Info

Paige van Vorst Review:

Paige van Vorst beskuren


Pointon Rewiev Alton Purnell Book





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  1. Lennart Fält · · Svara

    Hej Ingemar
    I lågt tempo håller jag på att gå igenom tidiga volymer av Footnote, där jag för söker hålla koll på intressant material med bl a Sammy, Lewis förståss och även Alton. Jag befinner mig nu i Volume 1 no 3 och där finns en notis om Barry Martyns band med Alton som gästar BBC Jazz Club. Jag noterar att det saknas exakt datum i din förträffliga Purnellbok för detta, men här kommer detaljer: ”Recorded on February 4th and scheduled for broadcasting on the 14th , Radio I, 6.45.p.m.” Man kan också läsa att ”it is a first time on the air for the Martyn Band.” Lennart hälsar


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