The Lilies of the Valley

If you google ”Lily of the Valley” you will get more than 15 000 000 hits! In addition to musical and religious lilies, there is a plethora of areas where the expression occurs. In my planned book “The Lilies of the Valley” I mainly deal with the musical lilies, and especially the jazz tune ”Lily of the Valley”, first recorded by Paul Barbarin on January 23, 1951, but I also make excursions to other areas. The lilies can be seen from various aspects: religious, musical, jazz-historical, romantic, botanical, toxological, folkloristic and others. Here are samples from all fields, an overview of contexts where the term ”Lily of the Valley” occurs – a motley collection.


Foreword *** Jazz and religion *** Song of Songs: the origin of the expression “Lily of the Valley” *** Lily of the Valley, Rose of Sharon – She or he? Bride or Jesus??? ***  Which flower?  Rose, crocus, tulip? (NOT the “liljekonvalj”!) ***  Biblical symbols and expressions in spirituals, gospels and other religious songs: Lily of the valley; Rose of Sharon; The sweetest flower; Bright and Morning Star; Fairest of ten thousand;  He´s my mother and my father, sister and brother;  Bride – bridegroom; Shepherd *** ”Lily of the Valley*: possible origins of Paul Barbarin’s Jazz version: Louis Dumaine: Red Onion Drag;  F. W. McGee: Everybody Don´t Know Who Jesus Is; O Happy Day; How Dry I Am;  Where Will You Spend Eternity? (I Evighet);  Every Moment of the Day (Varje timma, varje dag);  Everybody Ought To Know (Alla borde känna till); What a Friend We Have in Jesus;  He´s the Lily of the Valley / I Have Found a Friend in Jesus) (En vän jag har i Jesus) *** Lily of the Valley Chords, melody, lyrics, different versions *** Discography Lily of the Valley (especially the Barbarin versions) *** The Lily in spirituals, gospels and other religious songs *** Profane lilies *** Literary Lilies and Roses, facts and fiction, movies ***  Other lilies, without any biblical or musical connection *** Bibliography  *** Tunes index ***Bands index *** People index

In Swedish AND English. Release planned early 2020. Estimated price 20 – 25 USD + postage. Advance order

Ingemar Wågerman, Prästgårdsängen 8, 412 71  GÖTEBORG, Sweden



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