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The Lilies of the Valley

If you google ”Lily of the Valley” you will get more than 15 000 000 hits! In addition to musical and religious lilies, there is a plethora of areas where the expression occurs. In my planned book “The Lilies of the Valley” I mainly deal with the musical lilies, and especially the jazz tune ”Lily of […]

Ingemar Wågerman: Alton Purnell Discography

    The pianist Alton Purnell passed away January 14, 1987. Thirty years later, my ”Alton Purnell Discography” was published just in time for the anniversary. This project, which started in 2000, was initially intended to be a simple list of Alton’s recordings after he moved to California in 1956, but because he was perhaps best […]

Radio plus: Grav-Olle, Landala, Jazztävling på Vasa, Canal City Syncopators, Göta River Jazzmen, George Lewis

Radio Plus slutar sända jazz! Efter 27 år är det nu slut. Anna Wallins populära jazzprogram upphör i december. Sorgligt men sant. Jag fick möjlighet att göra ett program innan det var för sent. Vecka 45 sändes programmet, och nu finns det tillgängligt här! Vi spelade några nummer med ’Grav-Olle’ Grafström, Original Landala Red Hot […]

A Closer Walk…

This is an attempt to describe the ”Closer Walk” story and the recordings, especially by George Lewis.  There are several religious songs about walking, some of which also adapted to jazz style: ”Walking with the King”, ”Walking with Jesus”, ”Walking in the Light of God”, ”Walk with Me”, ”We shall Walk through the Streets of […]

Jazz at Vespers – Jazz and Religion: Swedish and English versions on CD

Jazz history was written March 23, 1953: black jazz musicians from New Orleans participating in the worship in a white church in the northeastern United States. How was this possible? The book Jazz at Vespers – Jazz and religion tells the story of *Jazz roots: blues, spirituals, gospel, brass band, funeral music … * Christian […]

GÖTA (GOTA) RIVER JAZZMEN Calendar / Band History / Pictures / CDs / Contact

  CALENDAR 2019: Tuesday July 2nd, 19.00  ÖCKERÖ CHURCH Sunday June 16, 19.00. STORA LUNDBY CHURCH, GRÅBO CALENDAR 2018: Thursday July 5, 19.00 HÖNÖ CHURCH Friday July 6, 19.00 SÖDRA HÄRENE CHURCH Saturday July 7 19.00 FLATÖ CHURCH Sunday July 8 18.00 VÄSTRA FRÖLUNDA CHURCH Thursday Sept 6 18.00 SALVATION ARMY FORSERUM Friday Sept 7 […]

Tishomingo Blues

Spencer Williams’ “Tishomingo Blues” has a special place in my heart and is one of the main reasons that I play and write about jazz. It started in 1957. At a cafe on Hönö in the northern archipelago of Gothenburg there was a jukebox, where you could enjoy the pianists Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard, […]