Spencer Williams’ “Tishomingo Blues” has a special place in my heart and is one of the main reasons that I play and write about jazz. It started in 1957. At a cafe on Hönö in the northern archipelago of Gothenburg there was a jukebox, where you could enjoy the pianists Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard, […]

The New Orleans style band Göta River Jazzmen was founded in the 1950’s. After a long break the band was re-established in 1988 with two of the founders: Lars Ehnström, trombone and Esbjörn Olsson trumpet, who were active until 2010. The band was well-established with annual tours in Europe. Göta River appeared on both radio […]

”I Can’t Escape from You” is a tune composed by Richard A Whiting. It was recorded by Erskine Hawkins in 1936. This tune was a Bing Crosby hit in the movie ”Rhythm on the Range”, also recorded by Erroll Garner, Dexter Gordon and many other artists – but not by traditional jazz bands! Three years […]

Down By the Riverside – Den traditionella jazzen i Göteborg med omnejd Summary Author: Wågerman, Ingemar Title: Down By the Riverside. Den traditionella jazzen i Göteborg med omnejd (The Traditional Jazz in and around Gothenburg.) Published by Ingemar Wågerman, Hönö 2010. 272 pages, ISBN 978-91-633-5285-0 The purpose of this project was primarily to make a […]